I locked myself out of my car on Memorial day and Rock-A-Lock were the only place to pick up my call. They came very quickly and got me into my car in just a few minutes. When I lost my receipt and needed a copy to send to insurance, they texted me a copy. When my insurance company thought the image was not readable when printed, Rock-A-Lock sent an even higher quality one right after. Great customer service!!!

  alex came out to fix the lock to my apartment (key broke off in the lock). he showed up early, and finished the job in minutes - removed the broken key, did some filing so the door would lock/unlock easily, and made an extra key. he didn't charge me much and was very professional and helpful.

Thanks so much for coming to save me! I still cant believe I locked myself out at 2 in the morning. I thought I was going to be outside all night but you showed up so fast! I have never been so thankful to be sleeping in my nice warm bed!

So, I'm getting out of my car, manually lock the door, and shut it behind me. Just as the door clicked into place I realized, "Oh $#!@, I just locked my keys in my car!" And it's hella cold and windy outside too.

I have car insurance but because I'm a starving student I opted out of the additional car lock out service. Nor did I have any kind of AAA membership or anything like that. Did I mention it was hella cold and windy outside?

Then I remember hearing about these guys from a good friend and gave them a call. In about 15 minutes flat there was a tech at my car, popping open my door like it ain't no thang but a chicken wing, and swiping my card for a sweet price. The tech was super friendly and professional too.

Thanks Rock-A-Lock! You saved my butt AND my wallet!

Like most of us, I lost my keys to my home, my car blah blah 2 3 4 times… so I called rock Locksmith, I just loved the name. A guy named Michael answered the phone, and I told him my story; I was retracting my steps and was going back to the bar I was at in Oakland to see if my keys were hopefully there. Michael sent out a guy named John that picked me up from the bar, and took me back to my place. He picked open the deadbolt and knob, only to find the keys in the back door =)

Jon also made me a new car and home key to put in my wallet so this won’t happen from now on.. THANK YOU John and rock locksmith!

so no keys no way in and this locksmith shows up open car next door ,,so i ask say man i am locket out side my home can you help out he say ya but call this number and order the services so i call (888)303-5731 rock a lock locksmith order he give me a free serves call and i was in my home in 5 seconds you know this man is a locksmith and a pro thank you rock a lock


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