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“Thank you guys so much! I appreciate the time you took with my new home, and the tech’s (forgot his name, sorry…) patience with my questions!! It was very informative, now I know what is what!! Thanks again!”

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“I have been having a lot of trouble with a couple of old locks at my house and called around to see what can be done to replace them. When I finally decided to call Sunshine Locksmith, the tech that showed up took a look at the locks and told me that he will go get the same ones for me. After he came back, he replaced them, which I’m sure wasn’t easy because they’re really old locks. I was actually surprised stores even sell them!

He did a fine job, and I haven’t had trouble with these locks ever since. Appreciate your help.”


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We at Rock a Lock Locksmith understand what it means to feel safe in any community you live in. If  you

just moved and need to rekey your locks in order to achieve that safety, we are dedicated in providing

you with a limitless and competitively priced service and supplies we get from our local suppliers.

Receiving a quality service that secures your home does not have to be at a high cost! We are well familiar

with all new or vintage locks in the Oakland community. Ral Locksmith are here for you 24 hours a

day, 7 days a week on time any time!From lock change through security upgrade we will be there! For

more information call us at (888) 303-5731 ! We at Rock A Lock Locksmith will be there to make you

any key any time! We offer high quality services with warranty, and have excellent referrals! We will help

you save all the fees of towing and the time it takes the dealership to make the key; instead, You will

charged once and have your key made on the spot! We at Rock A Lock Locksmith will be there to make

 you any key any time! W   e offer high quality services with 120 Days warranty, and have excellent referrals!

 We aim to rely on referrals and good reviews of our repeating customers call us today

services We servies all lock breands *C1-c10 *A1-A12 *I C core lock scilender change

Off any Residential Locksmith Service

Emergncy Automotive Contact 10%

· First Installation        

· Home Locks

· Mailbox lock Pick and Repair

· Door Lock Pick

· Mailbox Lock Installation

· Lock Change

· Break-In Repairs

· Cylinder Change

· Locks and Keys Supply

· Keys Made for Door Locks

· Keys Made for Garage Locks

· High Security Lock Installation

· High Security Lock Change

· Garage Door Locks

· Gate Locks

· Door Lock Fix or Lock Change

· Repair on Any Lock  

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*  Lock Change Service


* Lock Rekey Service

*  lockout Service

* Car Key Replacement

* Programmed chip keys

*Lock repair Service

*Lock replacement

Residential locksmith  : are locksmith technicians at rock a lock locksmith most

have good extensive experience before working on any residential costumer home door

or safe ,We provide are residential locksmith technicians  whet the best tool ,parts,and

Knowledge so they can provide the top quality services for your home locksmith needs

from change your lock to repairing your front door , rock a lock locksmith residential

service cover it all 24 hour 365 days non stop mobile locksmith service any time

anywhere in the USA for your residential  locksmith .

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Residential Locksmith Services

Rock a Lock 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service anywhere in California

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