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Name  : The name Rock A Lock was given buy are owner Sean he name the

Company After his beloved dog name Rock  how  got the name form shoing

Early singe of over size mussel and was shape like a Rock not joking at all that dog hade arms like the HULK { Paintball that was all Orange)

Are company Logo : is from resembling are owners Scand doge name Souse

{A white and black English bulldog }

Company Stand For: providing fast mobile reliable locksmith service any where in California in the time of need Rock A Lock Locksmith Got Your Back  Anywhere

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A Locksmith technician is an individual that is concerned with the safety of the home, vehicle or business of the customer that he services.

Although historically, the term “locksmith” referred to an individual who makes locks through filing of metal and cutting the metal pieces in order to make screws to fit the completed product, today we see a change in this trade. Locksmiths are able to buy locks as well as parts of locks in different hardware and locksmith stores, with consideration of the security needs and budgets of their customers.  Many of them carry major brands in their work vans in order to be able to provide the service on-site.

Part of the locksmith’s job is examining the existing locks that the customer has and advising him about their security level and providing him with higher-security options if needed. He would also often examine the door and the doorframe in order to be able to determine the realistic options of a lock change for the customer. If a business lock change is required, the locksmith technician will be able to install higher security levels than for a home lock change, such as a touch-pad system installation.

Control systems for institutions

Some locksmith technicians opt to add the skill of making a car key to their repertoire of residential locksmith and commercial locksmith skills. This entails education in the field of car key replacement, which is an important part of our modern lives. Often, individuals lose car keys or have the key stuck in the ignition for some reason, and are unable to turn it. If they call a professional car locksmith technician, they will receive a run-down of the actions the car locksmith needs to take in order to fix ignition switch or replace ignition switch. At times, a key not turning in the ignition requires ignition replacement, and the car locksmith would then replace the ignition and provide a key.

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