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We services all lock breands *C1-c10 *A1-A12 *I C core lock silencer change

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· Door Lock Fix or Lock Change

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“Thank you guys so much! I appreciate the time you took with my new home, and the tech’s (forgot his name, sorry…) patience with my questions!! It was very informative, now I know what is what!! Thanks again!”

“I have been having a lot of trouble with a couple of old locks at my house and called around to see what can be done to replace them. When I finally decided to call rock locksmith, the tech that showed up took a look at the locks and told me that he will go get the same ones for me. After he came back, he replaced them, which I’m sure wasn’t easy because they’re really old locks. I was actually surprised stores even sell them! He did a fine job,

 and I haven’t had trouble with these locks ever since.

Appreciate your help.”

Welcome to Rock A Lock Piedmont CA : Do you need a professional mobile locksmith? A new car key? Need your lock changed? Locked your yourself out of your home and can’t find the keys? Do you need a mobile locksmith in Piedmont? It’s 4 am and you

are calling any and every 24 hour emergency locksmith“; all you know is that you need to get home but what happens if no one is answering and orif you’re told that it will take 2-3 hours? Call Rock A Lock Mobile Locksmith Piedmont!

We at Rock A Lock Locksmith offer 24 hour mobile locksmith service in Piedmont CA and will be there in under 30 minutes or

the service call is free. We are offering full professional locksmith service and the best  security solutions from car key

replacement to ignition switch repair. We provide all car locksmith services in Piedmont CA , home lock changes, rekey or

repair for any lock., and we carry a full stock of locks of all major brands. We have full eviction service; we work with the

Alameda sheriff department, and we are there always on time before the sheriff for the process to be resolved effectively.

When it comes to dependable mobile locksmith service in Piedmont CA, we can be your go-to-guy  in the locksmith world.

We back up our services and hardware by supplying a 90-day warranty so you can rest assured that when you use

Rock A  Lock Mobile Locksmith Piedmont CA , we will be there for you day or night. If your car key does not turn in

the ignition at 3 am, just call Rock A Lock and we will be there. If you got locked outside of your own home at rush

hour ,15 min Rock A Lock Mobile Locksmith Piedmont will be there. You can always rely on Rock A Lock Mobile

Locksmith Services Piedmont CA to assist you on any  lock or key problem you may have in Piedmont or in the Bay Area .

             Rock A Lock Piedmont Locksmith is there for you, on time any time! For more info call:


* Automotive Locksmith

* Commercial  Locksmith

*  Lock Change Service

* Lock Rekey Service

*  LOCK OUT Service

*  Car Lockout Service

* Car Key Replacement

* Programmed chip keys

*Lock repair Service

*Lock replacement

* Emergency Locksmith

* Residential Locksmith

Locksmith Piedmont California

Why Call Rock A Lock Piedmont Locksmith Services

Rock A Lock Residential Locksmith

Rock A Lock Commercial Locksmith

Rock A Lock Car Locksmith

Your a store owner or manger here in piedmont one of your employs lost there

Store front key ? Is one of your work track key stack in the ignition  on jack

London square  you need that truck  switch on stuck and working yesterday ?

 We at rock a lock 24 hour locksmith piedmont offer our business costumers

 supportive consumer care services As well as reasonably priced locksmith

services. We know the implications Of a deadline, and we know how to stick to

 them. At rock a lock locksmith You can rich are over the phone represented , or

 filed locksmith technician Any time of day or night so if this a business

problem rock a lock locksmith Got you back Reed More

New to Piedmont Ca ? Just got the keys to your new place ? We can re key your

Lock add new ones replace any lock OR install cctv and mach mocha more we

Are rock a lock locksmith mobile piedmont service here for you 24 hour

365 days a yr all mobile locksmith service . If you need to achieve that safety we

are dedicatedl locksmiths and will providing you with a limitless and competitively

 priced service and supplies we get from our local suppliers.Receiving a quality

service that secures your home does not have to be at a high cost! We

are well familiar with all new or vintage locks, We got

your back Reed More

4 hour mobile car locksmith car key maker in piedmont ca if you lost you

Car keys at jack london squarer on telegraph  ave We at the Rock A Lock

Car Locksmith & automotive department are here to assist you.we can be a

t your location quicker than our local towing services We offer more

 economical prices than the car dealership services we know all About

 transponder fub keys laser cut keys in fact its are Specialty Reed More

Locksmith Piedmont CA

Rock a Lock 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service anywhere in California

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24 Hour 365 days Mobile  Locksmith All Over California  .

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