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Off any Residential Locksmith Service


is the locks on your business or home providing you the right level of

security for you and your family?

If not let us at Rock A Lock Locksmith upgrade/replace the locks on your

office/home with a combo of new high security locks  (the latest door-lock

Technology) we at Rock-A-Lock, can install a wide selection of door locks,

 from the most trusted lock manufacturers on the market today in the

locksmiths world. Call today to schedule a lock replacement service,and

dont forget to vist are on-line locksmith copon page.

Lock Installation/new door lock Lock Replacement

Have you misplaced/lost your keys and are concerned that someone will have easy access to your property? If so, it’s probably time for a lock change.Securing your home, car, or

business starts with securing your locks.If you are looking for a lock change, and

would like to receive efficient and affordable service, Rock_A_Lock Locksmith is

 the right place for you.Rock_A_Lock technicians are experienced and ready for a lock change.

Call us and one of our locksmiths will be at your service for a quick lock change. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.We vow to deliver the highest standards of safety, skill, and integrity

while providing you with premium service.Rock_A_lock Locksmith is a national brand with years of experience in the locksmith, locked out, and security services industry, ready for your lock change at any time.

Our customers’ needs always come first! For More Info

Call :1(888) 303-5731 Call :1(888) 303-5731 Call :1(888) 303-5731

Lock change

These jobs usually come from people who have locks that ceased

working for some reason; people who moved into a new home and

would like their locks changed; crime victims that need their locks

 changed (10% discount for these individuals); businesses that have

changed owners and need to replace their existing locks; and more.

Two keys are supplied for each lock that was changed, and

additional keys are available upon request.


Rekey is different from a lock change. While in a lock change, the

 tech changes the whole locking mechanism, in Rekey jobs,

techs usually take out the cylinder of the lock, and change the pin

 combination to a new one. Keys are supplied to match the new

 cylinder combination, and additional keys are available upon


Protect your new home or business add sets of high security locks

(medeco, moultilocks,primos,)  

we offered Rock_A_Lock locksmiths.

Having high security door locks installed on your new business or home is the

first step in providing safty / security for your property.

Give Us A Call today to schedule a new lock installation service with one of our

pro fast certified locksmiths.

Lock Change /Lock Replament

Rock a Lock 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service anywhere in California

Rock A Lock - Locksmith

24 Hour 365 days Mobile  Locksmith All Over California  .

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Need a Locksmith? Rock A Lock offers a 24 hour emergency mobile lock service performed by licensed professional locksmiths. Ask us about our Senior Citizen, New Movers or Crime Victim Discount Today!